Friends' History

The Friends began on October 2, 1974. This group of volunteers were intent on providing South Park Township residents with a public library for their use.  When the Friends were formed, their main purposes were:

        - To stimulate awareness and use of library.
        - To increase both public and private financial support.
        - To coordinate efforts of all groups and individuals interested in the library.
        - To promote the greatest use possible of the library by citizens of all ages.
        - To promote and sponsor volunteer services for the library.
        - To sponsor and promote cultural and educational programs for South Park Township residents.

    With the help of thirteen presidents, $229,500 over the past 43 years, the Friends are still a very active contributor to the South Park Township Library, as well as the community.

    The Friends begin our 44th year on October 2, 2017.   VOLUNTEER IN SOME WAY TODAY!

    The Friends wish to thank all those who supported them both financially and physically throughout the past 43 years.  Through everyone's efforts, much has been accomplished.  They hope you will continue to join and support them in the future.

    Take pride in the Friends' past and be a part of their future, by giving today as a individual, family or business member.  You may copy, fill out and mail the form listed on the Friends' website.

    Please go to the "Membership" link on Friends' homepage. Click on "Printable Membership Form." Then follow the rest of the directions.

Visit South Park Township Library's Web Site to learn more about the library.

"Volunteer In This Millennium Now"


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