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Want to do something special for a loved one, friend, relative, neighbor, who is deceased? How about that special person who is still alive?

Over the past 44 years, the Friends have accepted memorial and "in honor of" donations for the library. Donations can be made through the Friends or directly to the library for books, equipment, etc. You may make a donation in someone's name "in memory of" or "in honor of that person." The name for whom the donation(s) are made of $100 or more to Friends or the library are placed on a Friends' plaque. The Friends presently have 4 plaques hanging in the library. 

When a person is deceased, a family member or friend should contact the Friends or library, if they are interested in giving a donation in that person's name. When a Friends' member or family member (husband, wife, son, daughter, member dies) with a Friends' family membership, a donation will be placed from the Friends of the Library to be used as the library staff sees fit, placed in that person's memory.


You may want to do something even more special for a deceased loved one. Several people have put in loved one's obituary
"IN LIEU OF FLOWERS, DONATIONS CAN BE MADE TO SOUTH PARK TOWNSHIP LIBRARY OR TO FRIENDS OF SOUTH PARK TOWNSHIP LIBRARY". Contact South Park Library, if you would like to do this, when you are writing an obituary at (412) 833-5585.


Donations can also be made for someone who is still alive. Make a donation to our library for their birthday, anniversary, or just because they are a wonderful person! Your group can also be a donor to the library or Friends. Contact the Friends by Email: or by calling the Library at (412) 833-5585 to leave a message for Friends to contact you or your group.




This meeting is for all members as well as anyone, who is interested in learning about the Friends, becoming a  in their upcoming year. The next meeting will take place at South Park Library, next to the Fireplace Area, on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019, at 7 PM. The Friends usually hold 4 meetings per year: September, November, March, and June. Each meeting is approximately an hour long.

Our fiscal year end (July 1st, 2018 - June 30th, 2019) meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 at 7 PM in the library. Members should try to attend, if possible. At this time, the Friends, if able, will present the South Park Library, with a check of the past fiscal years' earnings.


The Friends welcome new ideas & suggestions for programs. Do you have a special hobby, talent, and/or gift, that you'd like to share with our residents? Come to the meeting with your information on your talent, hobby, and/or gift. Perhaps it is something that can be shared with others by you teaching a class on the subject or giving a program. This information will then be given to our library's Adult Services Coordinator, Donna Neiport.


The Friends' Board wishes to thank everyone, who helped in some way, to make their recent book sale very successful, including those who donated items, pre-sorted items, bought them, helped set up sale, worked sale days and closed down sale. What a joint effort on everyone's part, which was very fruitful for the Friends in the end.

Thanks to everyone once again! Hope to "SEE YOU" at the next sale in OCTOBER 2019!


Library Phone:  412-833-5585

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